Pressure washing and Reverse Graffiti

Our powerful, portable, petrol powered, pressure washers are perfect for plenty of problems...

Is your home or office being let down by a dirty driveway or weedy walls? Wether it's refreshing some decking, cleaning some cladding or removing some graffiti, we can help...

Leave your outdoor areas looking like new.

Our water tank equiped vans mean we can work, even if there is no water supply. all operatives are fully trained and insured and expert in getting your paving, decking, walls and pavements back to their best.

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Reverse Graffiti.

Reverse Graffiti, Clean Advertising, Green Adverts, Pavement Advertising... all names for this form of targeted and environmentally friendly natural media.

We use our high-powered, portable, pressure washing machines to literally clean your design into the pavement, using a stencil. The process leaves behind an eye-catching imprint, which lasts for weeks.

Because of the nature of this type of guerrilla marketing, it’s a little different from the norm, which means it really does turn heads. Add into this the fact that your advert can be placed wherever you feel it will gain maximum exposure to your chosen market – your sportswear brand outside of a football stadium, your nighclub student night outside a halls of residence (we have many, many more great ideas on where to place adverts) and you can see how it can become a very useful and cost effective advertising tool. We are offering you an option which will enhance your brand image, you will appear forward thinking and environmentally conscious. Meanwhile we will save you money on other marketing techniques.

Take a look at our Reverse Grafitti info leaflet here


"I had my yard cleaned this morning and it looks as good as new.

My neighbors have already been looking over the fence admiring it."

"Thanks to you for all of the hard work, it's been an amazing reaction. We've had loads of people snapping the stencils and phoning in, it's really boosted our profile."

"My conservatory looks like new. Thank you very much."