Carpet, upholstery and office chair cleaning

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaners a great for freshening up a tired carpet, rug, sofa or your office furniture.

Get rid of unwanted stains, smells and everyday dirt and grime. Our Manchester carpet cleaners provide a friendly and reliable service to your home or business.

Carpet cleaning.

Our hot water extraction carpet cleaners and our extensive range of industrial cleaning products help us get your carpets back to looking like new. Saving you money and time.

Office chair cleaning

Take a look around the chairs in your office. When was the last time they were cleaned? Not just vacuumed, or wiped down, or even that?

Our office chairs are one of the most used items in our office, we sit on them all day, eat our lunch on them, spill our coffee on them, yet they are rarely looked after. Regular cleaning of your office furniture not only promotes a more clean and healthy atmosphere in the office - a dirty chair is a breeding ground for germs, odours and allergens, but also prolongs the lifespan of your furniture, saving your business money.

Our cleaning machinery penetrates detergent deep into the fibres of the chair. It then extracts the liquid using high-powered vacuums, removing any ground in dirt and grime. Your furnishings will be left clean, fresh smelling and almost dry. Further to this our technicians will then treat any remaining marks using our highly effective stain removal compounds. Finally they will polish and lacquer all of the hardware and check and lubricate all moving parts.

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What can we do?

Some uses for our carpet cleaning machines.

Services we can take care of:


"You've done a great job. Our office chairs look like brand new. Thanks very much."

"My carpets look lovely and clean, I will be calling again."

"Steve got all of the marks out of our carpets, they look fantasic."